SkypeLanguageSchool is a platform that enables independent language teachers to reach a global audience.

"It is our belief that learning a foreign language does not only help people to better understand each other's​ cultures and customs, but that it also facilitates to meet up, to exchange ideas and, ultimately, to negotiate a successful business". 

Our teachers

Luc Boeke, founder of the SkypeLanguageSchool, has been a part time language teacher since 1995. In the early 2000s, he was a full time teacher at the University of Amsterdam. From 2000, Luc pursued a Marketing Intelligence and Data Science career that has brought him to international companies in the English, French, Dutch and German speaking countries of Europe. 
Since 2017, Luc is based in Switzerland, a 'multi-language' country in the heart of Europe. He works as a certified Skype language tutor at as well. 

Penelope Meijboom-Morgan is a certified language teacher, focusing on teaching English as a foreign language. Since graduating from university in the U.K. she has worked internationally as an ERP and CRM consultant. Having developed her teaching and coaching skills within the framework of highly complex projects she fully understands the importance of effective communication within a multi-cultural environment.
Penelope is also an avid musician and during the last few years she has greatly enjoyed teaching music to both children and adults.

Adriana Dorrepaal is a qualified teacher French with a truly international CV. She is a Dutch national who has lived in France for almost a dozen years. Moving to France was a logical choice for her after she obtained a Bachelor degree in French Language and Culture at the University of Utrecht (2005). She has an extensive experience in teaching French, English and Dutch since 2011, both off-line and via Skype. Besides her career as a language teacher, she works as a translator and interpreter.

Adriana loves singing and playing the piano and stays fit and healthy with hockey and yoga.

Berry de Man got her pedagogical academy degree (PABO) in the Netherlands, but is nowadays living in Italy. She is since then trilingual, as she speaks Italian and English fluently.

Berry developed an international, corporate career as a secretary, besides her work as Dutch and English language teacher.

Upon request, copies of diplomas and certificates of our teachers can be submitted.

SkypeLanguageSchool is registered at the Zürich Handelsregister under number CHE-202.113.171.