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SkypeLanguageSchool provides Dutch language sessions provided by certified native speakers. 
Contact us to discuss your ambitions, using the contact form at the bottom. Based on our first Skype meeting with you, we will set up a course plan for you. More details on "How it works".

Dutch for Children

Are you looking for Skype tutors to teach your children? We recommend our partner Dutch for Children. 
Dutch for Children provides online Dutch language classes for children, every lesson personalized: your child’s learning style, his/her level and interests and the objectives always come first!


Free Service

Are you on WhatsApp? There is another SkypeLanguageSchool free service!

Use the contact form below to submit your mobile number and the Dutch word or phrase you wish to learn. You will receive a WhatsApp audio message with the correct pronunciation of it.

Rules of the game:
- Your mobile number will not be shared/sold to third parties
- The free service is limited to one participation per day
- To have your mobile number removed from the SkypeLanguageSchool database, send "REMOVE" to info@skypelanguageschool.net

The image on the right -taken from "De Taalgrens", by Brigitte Raskin (Uitgeverij Davidsfonds)- shows the linguistic border between Dutch in the North, German in the East and French in the South. This border has not shifted since the 12th Century.

Dutch Language

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