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SkypeLanguageSchool.net is a platform that enables you to connect with a team of experienced, independent language teachers, from wherever you are. We believed in "online teaching" from the start of the company in 2019, before everybody else did.

"It is our belief that learning a foreign language does not only help people to better understand each other's​ cultures and customs, but that it also facilitates to meet up, to exchange ideas and, ultimately, to negotiate a successful business". 

In the first year after its foundation, Summer 2019, SkypeLanguageSchool.net has supported professionals and students from 4 continents and 26 different nationalities. In our second and third year, completed by the end of Spring 2022, our group has been able to double its activities and number of language course participants versus year-on-year.

Our teachers

Luc Boeke, founder of the SkypeLanguageSchool.net, has been a part-time language teacher since 1995. He became a full time teacher at the University of Amsterdam, when he graduated in Communication Sciences in 1999. From 2001, Luc pursued a Marketing Intelligence and Data Science career that has brought him to international companies in the English, French, Dutch and German speaking countries of Europe. 
Since 2017, Luc is based in Switzerland, a 'multi-language' country in the heart of Europe. He is expert in the domain of Dutch for Business and business context roleplays. Luc is teaching Dutch at Taaltutor (NL) and International School Berne (CH) as well.

Astrid Kogelman is an experienced teacher, focusing on Dutch as a second language. She also teaches English and German. Born in the Netherlands, her mother tongue is Dutch, but she is fluent in English and German. She studied American Studies in the USA, then worked in the publishing industry in Oxford, England for 5 years. She and her family have been living in Trier, Germany for nearly 20 years now, so she has a comprehensive understanding of several languages and cultures. Astrid also enjoys teaching yoga and relaxation to adults and children.

Stefanie Verena Weisz is a certified and experienced German teacher and linguist. After a few years teaching in different universities in various countries and working freelance as a translator, ghost-writer, and journalist, she is now working on her PhD and teaching students online. She could already gather online teaching experience working with students from renowned companies, like UniCredit Group, Bank Austria, and Google. One of Stefanie´s favourite past times ist studying new languages, so she knows languages from trainer and student side and is happy to help you improve your language skills.

Rahel Roth is a certified Spanish and English teacher for high schools. However, currently, she's working as a language teacher for German, Swiss German and Spanish. Languages are a big part of her life and she loves to share her passion with her students. No matter at what rhythm you're advancing, the important thing is to feel comfortable and supported in your learning.

Esther Barneveld is a certified Dutch language teacher with more than 25 years of experience. She started her teaching career as a certified music teacher. After moving to Brussels in 1999, she started teaching Dutch to expats and French-speaking Belgians. In and around Brussels, she has worked for various international companies in different departments. After living in Belgium for 18 years she moved back to the Netherlands and since 2019, online teaching has been an increasing part of her job.

Delia Silaghi is a certified language trainer with extensive international experience, offline and online, with an amazing track record in corporate language training. She is a certified translator and interpreter authorized to make translation for the European Commission. 
In 2020, she set up her own 'language' company as well: "PFA Silaghi Liana Delia".
Delia has been teaching English, French and Italian for more than 10 years now. Having graduated a francophone university, Delia has been developing and implemented French language programs for medical recruiting companies in France. 

To use her own words: "What makes my classes special is the teaching technique that I developed throughout the years, so that my customers could fully benefit of my experience and skills. Since a language is a vivid body, my method will immerse you into the culture and civilization of French and Italian people, so that you can acquire effective communication skills. You guessed it: teaching languages is my passion. Nevertheless, I love dancing, trekking and outdoor activities. Would you fancy flying a kite together?" 

Berry de Man got her pedagogical academy degree (PABO) in the Netherlands, but is nowadays living in Italy. She is trilingual, speaking Dutch, Italian and English fluently.

Berry developed an international, corporate career as a secretary, besides her work as Dutch and English language teacher. Since June 2020, Berry is working as well as an online tutor Dutch at the Eszett Business Language Services.

Igor Usik
, native speaker of Ukrainian and Russian, studied Romance languages at Kharkiv National University (Ukraine). In 1995 he became a certified translator/interpreter and teacher and enriched his proficiency in languages working as interpreter with official delegations in Ukraine and abroad, in exporting and importing companies, and travelling. Igor has been a part-time teacher of Italian, Spanish and French for almost three decades. The range of his linguistic interests spreads on comparative studies of grammar and vocabulary, etymology, culture and civilization. Igor’s language teaching methodology may be particularly useful for those students who want to understand differences and similarities between their native language and the language they learn. Igor is convinced that a quick success in learning languages may be achieved only in case of everyday diligent work with texts, grammar exercises, audio-visual training material, and speaking practice. Igor takes into account personal goals of his students in language learning and he applies an individual approach to everybody of them.

Margarita Jeliazkova has over 30 years of experience in education, from kindergarten to university, from the classroom to local and European educational policy. Bulgarian born, Margarita studied in the USA and now lives in the Netherlands. She speaks at least three languages on a daily basis and loves to play with languages - the melody, the emotion, the difference in looking at things. Currently, she teaches Dutch to people with various backgrounds – refugees, expats, students and (East European) work migrants. She is happy to introduce people to the language and the culture of The Netherlands: a country she calls home now. The strength of Margarita’s approach is the ability to relate to the native language of the learner and to respond to the specific ways people acquire a language and their own objectives. She engages her students with flexibility, broad cultural knowledge and sense of humor.

Margarita holds a PhD in education and a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Policy Science. She is a certified English teacher and in the process of obtaining her certification for teaching Dutch as a second language.

Cristina Jimenez Garcia
is a certified Spanish teacher since 2015 with international experience and also a degree in Communication.
Cristina was born in Seville (Spain) and has lived for several years in Italy and Portugal. Currently, she lives in the Netherlands where she teaches her native language and culture, both online and offline, and at different academies in Amsterdam.

Cristina speaks English, Italian and a little bit of Portuguese, and is learning Dutch. She really enjoys learning and teaching languages, because: "Each new language that we learn gives us the opportunity to acquire a new way of seeing and understanding the world".


Sjoerd Schepel's motto is: "You don’t really learn until you like something". 
Sjoerd finished his Bachelor of Education at the University of Applied Sciences at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen (NL) in 2012 and started his career as a teacher. 

From 2014 to 2020, Sjoerd has been working abroad as a teacher in Curacao. In his role as a confidant teacher of the school, Sjoerd was taught how to respond to children’s needs and find interfaces and mediate between students, parents and other teachers.  In his 10 years of professional career as well as with the execution of different extracurricular activities, Sjoerd gained important communication skills and experience in working with children from different backgrounds and children with diverse and special needs.
Sjoerd is based in Zurich since January 2021, as he wanted to relocate to Europe.

Ellen-jane Dijkstra started early as a dance teacher. In time, she went to the pedagogical academy and has been working as a primary school teacher, specializing in remedial teaching the Dutch language. She then taught for ten years Dutch to adults at an international online language institute. After obtaining her TEFL certificate, she is teaching English as a Second Language to adults and children.
Ellen-jane: "I firmly believe that a foundation of mutual trust benefits the sensitivity to absorb a new language.  I think that every student has their own best way of learning, something which is quite exciting to discover together".

Kathrin Erni is a Swiss tutor focusing on teaching the Swiss German dialect, German and French. Kathrin and her husband run a small family language school abroad.  She has a flair for languages. Having grown up in Fribourg, between different dialects, and in a bilingual town, she herself speaks a mix of Bern- Lucerne- and Züri- German. She has a very conversational approach to language learning and loves to meet other people. For her, it's important that the language you learn is filled with topics relevant to your life.

A remarkable year in her life was her experience as a volunteer in Liverpool, where she got to chance to work with elderly people.

Krasimira (Krassie) Ivanova is a certified Teacher of English with more than 30 years of experience with ESL learners at school, college and university. Her international career brought her to the UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. She is a Bulgarian national with Masters degree in English Language and Literature, TESOL and QTS. Krassie has extensive experience at high school and interest in preparation for Cambridge exams. Now she teaches General English and ESP to local and international students at university and corporate clients online. Krassie likes movies, world culture, geography, literature, music and has a good command of Russian.

Lucie Raimbault is a certified French language teacher, with more than 20 years experience. She started her teaching career in the UK where she lived for 6 years. Back in France, she coupled her teaching experience with working in the private sector for an international company; an experience that benefited her teaching role in Paris and now Amsterdam, as she understands the needs and objectives of her professional students as well as their tight schedules. Lucie strongly believes that learning French can be fun! Her main focus is to adapt to the students, with constant interaction, respecting the students’ learning style and making them feel confident.

Ivana Lozo
is a qualified and experienced French and Russian teacher. She graduated French and Russian language and literature in 2009 and has been teaching since then at universities, foreign language schools, tutoring both live and online. Passionate about travelling and her homeland Croatia, she's also an experienced tour guide in French, English and Russian, specialized in cultural and natural heritage. In 2021 she earned her PhD in semiotics of advertising and currently teaches Creative writing and French at the university. 

Itziar Rey Pérez de Pipaon is a professional conference interpreter and a translator, and since 2016 a member of AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence). She studied both Architecture and Translation and Conference Interpretation in Barcelona, her home town, before moving to Rome (Italy), where she became a part-time teacher at the University of Perugia's Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, while working as a conference interpreter for the Italian institutions, the Vatican and the private market in Rome. Back in Barcelona, she got her certificate in Egyptology and moved her professional address to Brussels, where she works for the European institutions. She is trilingual at a mother tongue level (Spanish, Italian and Catalan), and has a near native level in French, a strong English, a good Portuguese and a decent knowledge of German.

Penelope Meijboom-Morgan is a certified language teacher, focusing on teaching English as a foreign language. Since graduating from university in the UK, she has worked internationally as an ERP and CRM consultant. Having developed her teaching and coaching skills within the framework of highly complex projects, she fully understands the importance of effective communication within a multi-cultural environment. 
Penelope is also an avid musician and during the last few years, she has greatly enjoyed teaching music to both children and adults.

Adriana Dorrepaal is a qualified French teacher with a truly international CV. She is a Dutch national who has lived in France for almost a dozen years. Moving to France was a logical choice for her, after she obtained a Bachelor degree in French Language and Culture at the University of Utrecht (2005). She has an extensive experience in teaching French, English and Dutch since 2011, both off-line and via Skype. Besides her career as a language teacher, she works as a translator and interpreter.

Adriana loves singing and playing the piano and stays fit and healthy with hockey and yoga.

Tarek Jamous is an English and Arabic teacher with more than eight years of experience. He was born in Damascus; he is currently studying literature at Istanbul university. Before that, he was teaching English in a secondary school and then he opened his own private school where he was teaching Arabic and English. He also speaks Turkish and Spanish, at the basic level. Tarek is a very patient teacher, who always works and tries to achieve the best results.

Sawsan Daas is a language professional with a truly international education and experience. Native Arabic speaker, proficient in Turkish and English, her young career spans 4 years of teaching Arabic Language and Quran for non-native adults and kids from different countries such as America, Canada, UK and Czech Republic. She acquired the TÖMER certificate from the Istanbul Aydın University as well and taught the Turkish language at New horizons Computer Learning Center for 2 years.

Looking back, Sawsan explains: “During my study at the university, I realized that I was good at conveying ideas and making complex concepts simple to understand, and that was reinforced by the feedback of my teachers and peers. My goal is to combine my experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and an intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution. My strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills allow me to play a crucial role in fast-paced teaching environment”.

Asuka Julia Riedl is an experienced German and Japanese language teacher. She spent her childhood between Japan and Germany, and thus has a native understanding of both cultures. In addition to being both a German and Japanese native speaker, she is highly proficient in English. Having grown up in two very different cultures, Asuka knows first hand the importance of understanding and adopting the correct manners. Hence, she always endeavors to teach her students the nuances of not just the language, but also of the country’s culture.

Rongyan Xie is a certified translator and interpreter for Swiss authorities at communal, cantonal and federal levels. She studied and worked in China before she came to Switzerland. Before she became a full-time translator, she was employed as a consultant and project manager by Swiss companies. Fifteen years ago, she got the C2 certificate of Goethe-Institute. Rongyan’s highest education is Master of Advanced Studies in Business Administration in Switzerland. Due to her high educational level in both countries and her business experiences in the cross-cultural field, she is very strong in teaching Business Chinese or German. Rongyan is currently working as a part-time Chinese language teacher in Switzerland as well.

Bernadett Sándor has been a part-time English tutor for more than 5 years. During this period, she has mostly taught adults and adolescents, delivering them private and group lessons with different objectives of developing their language skills or passing a particular language exam. Typically, Bernadett’s classes are focused on building an active knowledge, as they are centred around speaking, building an active vocabulary -integrated into context and speaking- and grammar with the goal of freedom of self-expression in mind. Yet, tailoring the classes to individual needs and goals play a great part in creating her course plans. Bernadett also speaks Hungarian, as it is her mother tongue, and has some experience teaching French as a foreign language too. 
Besides her career as a language tutor, she works in the field of digital marketing, and loves to spend her free-time doing a variety of sports like hiking and skiing, and reading books on mindfulness.

Cristian Caruso is a certified trainer with extensive training experience in Italy and abroad, offline and online. He has graduated in Philosophy, with a final thesis on George Orwell, and Clinical and Community Psychology at University of Bologna. He worked as a tutor at the academic level and he currently teaches Communication Psychology in a professional academy. He is involved in orientation, career services and placement in public schools and training centres.

Cristian is interested in planning linguistic stays for adults and young people. He is referee for a telematic University in Rome. His teaching style is based on "learner-centred", according to students' needs.

Cristian likes movies, pets, history, geography. He practices yoga and mindfulness. He loves traveling and also works as a consultant in a travel agency. He currently attends a course for Sommelier. His motto: "If you are happy when you study, you learn easier."

Carmen Pohr-Mattes is an experienced lecturer in adult education and a German teacher specialising in "German as a foreign or second language" (DaF/DaZ). In addition to her work as a teacher in adult education, she also gives private tuition and remedial teaching for children, young people, in school or company training, as well as for students. Due to her varied experience at various general German schools, she is familiar with the basic subject matter and can convey it appropriately. Ms Pohr-Mattes grew up in Trier (Germany), is a native speaker and first studied "Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology", as well as "German as a Foreign Language" at the University of Trier. At a later stage, she completed her studies at the University of Koblenz with the subject "Pedagogy", specialising in "Adult Education". For several years she has been working full-time as a lecturer in a private, certified education and seminar centre in Trier and prepares her students for state-recognised, certificate examinations in "German as a Foreign Language"(all levels from A1-C2).

Yakup Yaşar is a certified teacher for Turkish as a foreign Language. He has been teaching Turkish, both online and offline. Besides being native speaker in Turkish, Yakup is fluent in Kurdish and English and has a basic command of German. Yakup has been living in Turkey since 2000. He graduated in English Language and Literature at the academic level. 

Yakup currently also works as a corner writer in a magazine called Palto, to publish his Turkish poems and his master thesis. He has published his first short story named “Yatılı Okulda İlginç Olaylar” (Strange Things at Dormitory School) in July 2020. He is passionate about both Turkish and English novels and short stories.

Jasmine Unruh is a licensed teacher for English, French, German and Swiss German. She has always been very passionate about languages and therefore started diving deeper into language learning in her early youth and added Spanish, Standard Arabic and Biblical Hebrew to her list of languages which she learned autodidactically. In later years, she then got several language certificates for these languages by the University of Zurich (Standard Arabic; Biblical Hebrew) as well as by the EF international language school in Málaga (Spanish). 
Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy, Jasmine has many years of tutoring and teaching experience throughout all age groups and in different cultural groups (Swiss kids, Israeli youth, adult Eritrean refugees and many more). Born in Switzerland, married to a Hispanic-American and living in the US gives away the fact that she lives a multi-lingual daily life. When it comes to pedagogy and didactics, she always attempts to find out the individual needs and preferences of her students in order to then create lessons to their liking and with the best possible outcome regarding their language learning process. 

Anja Bjelić is an IELTS certified English tutor who is currently studying Comparative Literature at the University of Novi Sad. Anja has over two years of face to face teaching experience and she has been teaching English online to Asian students since January 2019, for the Academic Online Society.

Languages played an equally important role in Anja’s secondary education at the 

Karlovci Grammar School (Karlovačka gimnazija), where she learned Spanish, her third language after Serbian and English. To put it in her own words: “Languages are my true passion and I thrive to expand my knowledge in this particular area”. Her other interests are history, music, and arts. 

Jasna Andreevska is a certified Spanish, Italian and German teacher with more than 10 years of experience. She is a Ph.D Student at the Faculty of Romanistik, University of Cologne, Germany. She is trilingual at a mother tongue level (Macedonian, Bulgarian and Serbian) and has a near native level in Spanish, Italian and Deutsch and a good English. She is a language professional with a truly international education and she attempts to find out the individual needs and preferences of her students. Her other interests are films, sport and arts.

Torkan Omari teaches Dutch at multiple language schools, she lives part of her time in Berlin and part in the Netherlands. 

She also organizes public speaking sessions, diversity and inclusion workshops and is passionate about filmmaking and writing. 

Ben van Eldik is an experienced teacher with a track record of more than 15 years. He started his teaching career by founding a drum school at the age of 18. When Ben was 20, he moved to Brussels, where he further developed speaking 3 different languages every day, besides the bilingual upbring in the Dutch and French language at home.
Back in Holland, Ben worked as a student coach teaching the Dutch and French language and later in his career also became a manager of a Homework Institute in Amsterdam. In more recent times, Ben also branched out into online Dutch lessons especially tailored for expats.

Upon request, copies of diplomas and certificates of our teachers can be submitted.

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