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"I highly recommend #Skypelanguageschool for anyone looking for a convenient and effective program to pick up a new language."
(Senior Manager Data Science and Analytics, The Netherlands)

 "I am very satisfied with the SkypeLanguageSchool. Because I work in the evening it was not possible to do a Dutch course in my city. A top 1:1 support. After the 2nd session I could totally get involved. My teacher adapted to my pace and after the 8th or 9th session I had my first aha-experience and was even more motivated. I am now soon on level A2 and can only recommend it."
(Creative designer, Germany)

"Thanks for the Dutch lessons. You have a great teaching style: very encouraging."
(Financial analyst, UK)

"I had a really good time with my Spanish tutor. Through my 30 Skype sessions with Gerjan, I now have a solid basis for my Erasmus exchange year in Spain."
(Student, The Netherlands)

"My lessons with Astrid made it clear very quickly, where I stood with my Dutch. She explained me a set of very useful rules, no other teacher had ever done that before."
(Young professional, born from Dutch parents but raised  abroad)

I received the result of my last "Integration Exam": I succeeded in all of the tests and I am now officially "integrated" in the Netherlands! Thanks a lot for your help. Everything was easier thanks to your lessons.
(Architect with Mediterranean roots, after 20 sessions that brought him from A1 to A2)