"It all starts with the language..."

Joining SkypeLanguageSchool.net, you will enjoy your foreign language support:

  • From wherever you are
  • Using your PC/Mac/tablet
  • No hassle/commute 
  • Fully personalized

SkypeLanguageSchool.net provides low threshold, 1-on-1 language courses and business support, customized to your professional context and personal demands.

Portfolio: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic.
We provide Swiss German courses as well, in specific dialects: Bern, Zürich, Basel,  amongst others. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and pricing.

Why choose us?
Why choose SkypeLanguageSchool.net? Some of our competitors have cheaper options, that is true, but do they provide the flexibility you are looking for? Are they transparent in their pricing? Is it really about a private class on a schedule that suits you?

Our options

Buy a package of 10 sessions at 425 Euro: 
- 450 minutes tutor time in total 
- students pay 395 Euro, i.e. 7% discount
- you will also get input for 20 hours of self study 
- reviewing of your homework is included

- Typically, this package will bring a motivated starter half a level up, from A0 to A1. 

Buy a package of 20 sessions at 850 Euro:
- 900 minutes tutor time in total 
- students will pay 790, i.e. 7% discount
- you will also get input for 40 hours of self study 
- reviewing of your homework is included
- Typically, this package will bring a motivated starter 1 level up, from A0 to A2.

On a tight budget? 
Why not consider to take the language lessons together with a friend or colleague and share the cost? We are open to discuss your ideas!
Would you be interested, send us an email now through the "contact us" button here above!

Sessions of 30 or 60 or 90 minutes, why not? We are flexible and open to discuss your personal requirements.
Click the button "contact us" here above, or send us your requirements using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

What makes online language tutoring different?


Learning a foreign language can be fun and inspiring. Even if it is the first language you learn, beyond your mother tongue.
Just go online -on Skype, for example- and experience the highly motivating and fully interactive sessions  yourself. Conversation, style, vocabulary, diction, articulation, expression ... can all be covered: Skype is such a rich medium!
All you need, to participate in our online sessions, is an internet-connected device, PC or tablet. This way, a hassle free and highly effective learning process will take place, scheduled at your convenience (including after work hours) and in line with your availability, ambitions and learning curve.

Whether you need brief ad hoc support on language-related issues during working hours or you want to take full fledged tutoring sessions in the after-work-hours: we can deliver both!

The initial assessment of your needs and set up of your course plan is completely free of charge.

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Get ready now!

Why not improve your foreign language skills before you tackle your next challenge, your new role, your job abroad? 
Join SkypeLanguageSchool.net now and get ready while you are still in a familiar situation. Full focus on the language now, full focus on your challenge next!

We also provide support when you want to prepare for a TOEFL test, TELC or GOETHE, the Dutch Staatsexamen and the like. SkypeLanguageSchool.net works with the internationally recognized standard for describing language levels, the Common European Framework of Reference: A0 - C2. This level indication is always mentioned on your certificate.

Contact us directly, using the form below, or get more familiar with the way we work first.

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